Pull-out tabl.fitt.60kg 1200mm

물품 번호 642.19.929

    물품 번호 642.19.929

    물품 번호 642.19.929


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    GR 최소 1
    요구되는 필수 제품
    물품 세부정보
    • For accommodating a pull out table in place of a drawer
    • Seating for up to 7 people

    Internal installation width

    1162 mm

    Area of application

    For kitchen and living room furniture
    can be installed in place of a drawer to provide a uniform front design


    Guide profiles: Aluminium
    table leg: Steel


    Steel: white aluminium

    Internal installation depth

    ≥560 mm

    Internal installation height

    Dim. H ≥ (83 mm + 3 x table top thickness)

    적재 하중

    Approx. 60 kg


    With folding table leg
    제품 기능

    Supplied with

    1 fitting set

    Order reference

    Table top not supplied.

    Please order 6 folding table hinges, 1 inset handle and fittings for drawer front panel separately.

    보완 제품 및 부속물품

    Pull-out tabl.fitt.60kg 1200mm

    • 범례 참조

      Internal installation height = dim. X = min. 60 mm + 3 x panel thickness

    • 범례 참조

      Side view


      ⓐ Ø 8 mm, depth: 13 mm

      ⓑ Ø 10 mm, min. depth: 3.5 mm

      ⓒ Top edge of fitting

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