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Keku 슬라이드온 피팅

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  • Häfele 케쿠 R 룸 시스템의 적용 사례
  • Häfele Keku R room system application examples

    Partition walls

    Wall height max. 6,000 mm

    Wall thickness 120 mm or to required thickness

    Vertical joint

    Wall construction:

    Supporting profiles joined with 70/70 slide-in connectors, connecting strips of panel material (Multiplex, MDF) or 8 mm threaded bars (M8 nuts/washers). Floor-ceiling connection with floor and ceiling profiles and profile connectors. Panels are hooked in with Keku EHS fittings.

    Wall cladding

    Unlimited dimensions

    Wall distance 40 mm – continuous assembly

    Panel hooked-in

    Wall construction:

    The supporting profile is engaged in the floor profile with the profile connector. Height compensation of up to 30 mm is possible. The profile is fixed to the wall with the 3-D wall fastener. Adjustment is possible in all directions with the 3-D wall fastener. The panels are secured to the supporting profiles with Keku fittings.

    Ceiling cladding

    Ceiling - longitudinal insertion

    Supporting profiles suspended with threaded bars, M8 nuts, approved metal plugs and 3D fittings.

    On the walls, ceiling profile for mounting the supporting profiles with profile connectors and support of the trim.

    Large-surface ceiling panels, slide-in mounting with Keku EHS fittings with lip. Trims with slide-in mounting with Keku ASR fittings. (Only slide in narrow trims). Panel length at intervals (length/32) with same drilling pattern for Keku fittings. With gap profile for panel gap of 3–30 mm.

    Cabinet structures

    Top unit doors that are mounted to the supporting profile provide easy access to the building equipment.

    More information can be found in the application brochure at

  • Häfele 케쿠 R 룸 시스템 부품
  • Häfele Keku R components

    Häfele Keku R is used for interior fitting stores and exhibition booth construction.

    The Häfele Keku R room system is a substructure made of aluminium profiles, used for cladding walls and ceilings..

    It is also suitable for creating freestanding lightweight and double partitions.

    Different fitting components are available for fixing the supporting profiles.

    1 supporting profile

    2 floor and ceiling profile

    3 profile connector

    4 3D wall mounting / ceiling installation set

    5 3-D wall spacer

    6 threaded bar

    7 perforated gap profile

    8 non-perforated gap profile

    9 gap profile securing clip

    10 system screw

    11 adjusting profile

    12 height adjusting screw

    13 vertical connector

    14 corner bracket 90°

    15 gap profile

    16 panel connector

    17 tie bar

    18 H-profile slide-in connector

    19 insert suspension fitting

    20 slide-in connector

    ⓐ ASR frame component

    ⓑ AS panel component

    ⓒ EHS frame component

    ⓓ EH panel component

    Panel attachment

    The Keku R system fittings that are attached to the supporting profile allow cladding elements to be removed and hooked-in again, e.g. for retrofitting.

    (1) ASR frame component

    (2)AS panel component

    (3)3D wall mounting/ceiling installation set

    (4)EHS frame component

    (5)EH panel component

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AS 판넬 부품,판넬에 스크루 고정

Keku 슬라이드온 피팅

  • Keku ASR frame component for screw fixing to substructures

  • Keku ASR frame component for screw fixing to supporting profiles of the Häfele Keku R room system

  • Risk of braking off

  • Risk of dissolving in fluids/acids

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AS 판넬 부품,판넬에 스크루 고정

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AS 판넬 부품,판넬에 스크루 고정

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Area of application

Häfele 케쿠 R 룸 시스템의 프레임 구조 및 지지 프로파일에 판넬 고정




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