Furn.locking mech.EFL3 w/o cabel DG2

물품 번호 237.59.000


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Furn.locking mech.EFL3 w/o cabel DG2

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물품 번호 237.59.000

물품 번호 237.59.000

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물품 세부정보
  • Optional, integrated contact for door status indication EFL 3C
  • Electromotive locking, magnetic interactions cannot take place
  • Flat design for variable and integrated installation in furniture
  • EFL 3 can be mounted on both sides
  • Locking component can be mounted on front edge or on the side
  • Anti-twist connection plug
EFL 3 furniture lock with feedback contact

Area of application

Lock for indoor use: For hinged doors, flaps, sliding doors, drawers or tambour doors in furniture, office and store equipment


Electromotive locking
EFL 3: Self-adjusting locking component with 3D tolerance compensation, locking plate crossways
EFL 3C: Locking component with magnet, locking plate crossways
flat type, 12 mm (installation next to drawers possible with a distance of >12 mm to cabinet side panel)


Lock case and locking bolt: Zinc alloy


Lock case and locking bolt: Nickel plated
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Supplied with

1 EFL 3 or EFL 3C furniture lock

1 locking component

Order reference

Please order CC 200 connection cable and marking gauge for EFL 3 / EFL 3C separately.

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