Slido W-Pa11 90A incl.inst. w.s.ins.

물품 번호 943.41.024

  • Slido Wall information
  • Floor connection


    The connection to a seamless floor (not separated) in combination with a soundproofing system has a negative influence on the dB value. Floors that are separated by a gap or threshold are recommended when using soundproofing systems, and mandatory from a value of RwP 53 dB.

    < RwP 50 dB

    ≥ RwP 50 dB

    Ceiling connection tracks

    Suspension with sound baffle

    Without dB value

    RwP 35-39 dB

    RwP 40–46 db

    RwP 47-55 dB

    RwP > 56 dB

    Wall connection sliding walls

    Sliding wall with non-vision cladding

    Glass sliding wall

    Wall connection cladded with MDF and lacquered with the RAL colour of the door element.

    Telescopic elements overview




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    물품 번호 943.41.024

    물품 번호 943.41.024

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    Slido W-Pa11 90A incl.inst. w.s.ins.

    • Running track (optional)

      Track 3

      범례 참조

      Track types must be selected in accordance with the site requirements.

    • Wall K 90

      With track 2nc

      범례 참조

      H = opening height

      H1 = door height

    • Wall K 90

      With track 2c

      범례 참조

      H = total height

      H1 = door height

    • Running track (optional)

      Track 2lc-og

      범례 참조

      Track types must be selected in accordance with the site requirements.

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    물품 세부정보
    Slido Wall P60-90A, wooden sliding wall, with sound insulation, including installation

    Area of application

    Complete system, suitable for flexible room partitioning or screens


    Ceiling installation, integrated ceiling installation optional

    Door weight

    ≤350 kg

    Installation height

    1,500–4,050 mm

    Door width

    600–1,240 mm

    Door thickness

    90 mm


    1 or 2-point guidance
    door elements can be combined with 1-leaf or 2-leaf access doors and glass cut-out features
    door elements can be stacked in open position with different parking options
    system flush in closed position
    external telescopic element
    with wall connection profiles
    with sound insulation

    Sound proofing value

    RwP 37–48 dB


    Running and guide tracks: Aluminium
    running gear: Steel


    Running track: Powder coated white, RAL 9010 (other RAL colours available)
    cladding: Optional

    Adjustment facility

    Sliding leaves height adjustable


    Manual with hand crank
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    Order reference

    Please send your inquiry with drawing to our sales department

    Delivery time of system: 3–6 weeks

    Available on request:

    • Delivery on specific dates
    • Door width over 1,240 mm
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