Classic E-Drive 80-B glas.1lea

물품 번호 940.97.109

    물품 번호 940.97.109

    물품 번호 940.97.109


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    GR 최소 1
    요구되는 필수 제품
    물품 세부정보

    Area of application

    For glass doors

    Door weight

    ≤80 kg

    Suitable for

    For wooden and glass doors

    Area of application

    For glass doors


    Wear and tear free, smooth running DC motor
    obstacle detection
    self-learning capability of end points
    different opening/closing speeds up to 0.25 m/s (variably adjustable)
    suitable for permanent operation

    Door width

    ≥500 mm

    Door weight

    80 kg 1-leaf
    80 kg (2 x 40 kg) 2-leaf

    Door thickness

    Wood: 30–40 mm
    tempered safety glass: 8 or 10 mm


    Opening via supplied push button and further push buttons provided on site (optional), potential free closers or radar motion detectors, closing via supplied push button or timer and further push buttons provided on side (optional), potential free closers, integration of radio transmitters possible


    For wall mounting and ceiling installation
    screw fixing with wooden door
    clamp connection with glass door

    Mains voltage

    230 V/50 Hz


    Motor 24 V DC


    Drive 50 W

    Degree of protection

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    제품 기능

    Supplied with

    1 motor unit and push button, with control and flush-mounted power supply unit 220 V

    1 adapter piece, for covering front edge at drive end

    1 toothed belt with steel strand, width 10 mm, for door width ≤1,450 mm

    1 toothed belt clamp

    1 deflection unit

    2 running gears, glass clamps, stopper and floor guide

    Order reference

    Please order running track, adapter profile and clip panel separately.

    Please order toothed belt for door widths >1,450 mm separately.

    Please order wall support profile for wall mounting separately.

    Please also order Classic 80-B eDrive Synchro set for 2-leaf, symmetrically opening sliding doors separately.


    Classic E-Drive 80-B glas.1lea

    • Wall mounting and ceiling installation

      For glass door

      범례 참조

      End cap for ceiling installation not available.

    • Glass door

    • Frame solution

    • Frame solution

    • Section floor guide

      For glass door

    • Section running gear and track

      For wooden doors

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