• Free fl ap

    For flaps made from wood, glass or with aluminium frame

    • Hinge-less stay lap ittings sets standards: Two models Free lap 1.7 and 3.15, designed for all common cabinet height and lap weight combinations
    • Convenient handling, even with heavy laps
    • Stylish and compact design provides easy access to cabinet hangers and is suitable for use in furniture with narrow depth
    • Easy, eficient and time-saving processing
    • Suitable for front panels with or without handle (in combination with special door catch)

    Maximum operating convenience

    Maximum flexibility

    • Compact design
    • Drilling pattern compatibility of the two models (processing in series drilled holes 32/37)
    • Stylish cover caps
    • grey and white

    ⓐ Free flap 1.7

    ⓑ Free flap 3.15

    • max. front panel weight 27,3 kg (with 350 mm cabinet height)
    • Front panel thickness up to 28 mm (without collision at 90° opening angle)
    • Opening angle 107° (can be limited to 90°)
    • Minimum opening resistance
    • Flap locks in any position (multi-position stop)
    • Smooth and soft closing action

    Quick installation

    Extremely convenient adjustment

    Plug it itting onto pre-drilled side panel, tighten Euro screws that were pre-mounted in the factory, done.

    Position front, clip in, done.

    Holding power (1) and gap pattern (2)–(4) can be conveniently adjusted from the front, adjustment of required opening angle via adjusting slider (model 3.15), done.

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Stay: Zinc alloy
Cover cap for adjusting screw: Plastic


Support: Nickel plated, white or black


좌우 공용


Without tools (clip system)

Adjustment facility

지지력 조절
제품 기능

Supplied with

1 Flap stay

Order reference

Mounting bracket and screw-on bracket are not supplied. Please order separately.
보완 제품 및 부속물품

Flap stay Maxi D wh.

  • Maxi nickel plated

  • Maxi white

  • Planning

    범례 참조

    Side distance

    S = door overlay + 19.5 mm

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