Base glide element 28x14mm

물품 번호 650.24.310

  • ⓐ Base elements

    For screw fixing (glue fixing)

    For plug fitting


    For press fitting

    On surfaces

    With threaded bolt

    Into square and round tube

    With glide for non-sensitive floors

    Especially low installation height


    Must be combined with

    ⓑ Glide

    For smooth, sensitive floors, e.g. parquet, laminate, marble

    for soft floors, e.g. carpets, cork, linoleum, sisal, needle felt

    For smooth, hard floors, e.g. stone, PVC floors

    Stopper for smooth floors, e.g. wooden flooring, marble

    fluffy soft wool felt, extremely silent, protects exquisite floor coverings

    Plastic with excellent sliding properties

    Wear-free industrial felt, protects sensitive floors

    Stop effect – slip resistant on smooth surfaces

    Easy replacement of glides

    Each insert can easily be replaced when worn or to suit new flooring without special tools.

    Installation of base element A and glide B

    for screw fixing

    On round surfaces

    With thread, Adjustable


    For plug fitting

    Into square and round tube

    물품 번호 650.24.310

    물품 번호 650.24.310


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    ST 최소 1
    요구되는 필수 제품
    물품 세부정보
    For glide insert 31 x 17 mm

    Dim. (L x W)

    28 x 14 mm

    Area of application

    For suitable rectangular glide inserts for push fitting





    Base glide element 28x14mm

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