Fitt.set Regal-A 25 wood 1d

물품 번호 405.55.011

    물품 번호 405.55.011

    물품 번호 405.55.011


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    물품 세부정보
    For 1 door

    Area of application

    For shelves with 1 door

    Door weight

    ≤25 kg

    Door height

    ≤2,400 mm

    Door width

    ≤1,200 mm

    Door thickness

    19–25 mm

    Adjustment facility

    Height ±2 mm on running gear using eccentric screw


    Running gear and guide: Steel

    Running gear

    Top running, 1 roller

    Running gear guided by

    Ball bearing mounted roller: Plastic

    Door stopper

    Top and bottom clip-in door stopper, for sliding into running track


    Running gear and guide for screw fixing, hooking in and removing of door without tools
    제품 기능

    Supplied with

    2 Running gears

    4 door stoppers (2 with clip-in door stopper, 2 stoppers)

    2 guides

    Order reference

    Please order running and guide track separately.

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    Fitt.set Regal-A 25 wood 1d

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