The highest quality standards, produced in-house

We produce our hardware and fittings at six locations and export our high quality standards throughout the world in the form of our products and services.

Häfele Berlin GmbH & Co KG

Häfele plant Berlin

Mainly connecting fittings for the international furniture industry are manufactured at Häfele Berlin. Our specialities are hot chamber zinc die casting, thermoplastic injection moulding, cold forming and the assembly of parts consisting of different materials.

Anton Schneider GmbH & Co KG - Jettingen

Häfele plant Jettingen

In the Häfele plant Jettingen, functional fittings, desking systems, sliding door fittings and special fittings and customized fitting solutions are developed and manufactured in medium and small series for furniture and projects.

Anton Schneider GmbH & Co KG - Kenzingen

Häfele plant Kenzingen

Office furniture installation systems such as drawer runners, drawers, locking systems or shelves are manufactured in medium and large batches with a high degree of automation in the Häfele plant in Kenzingen.

Sphinx Electronics GmbH & Co KG

Häfele plant Sphinx Kenzingen

Sphinx Electronics has been part of the Häfele group of companies since 1998. This is where the Dialock electronic access control and locking system is developed and manufactured.

Flap Competence Center Kft

Häfele plant Budapest

Häfele jointly took over the Huwil Produktionsgesellschaft Kft in Budapest in 2009 with Kesseböhmer, including the business segment of flap fittings. Huwil will be renamed Flap Competence Center Kft in 2014.